OCRIG Guarantor Loan Company

Given the current economic and financial constraints of present times, it has become quite difficult to apply and get approval for a loan. With the increasing financial disturbances, economic breakdown and finally a host of other socio-economic conditions, getting a loan approved has become quite a difficult process.

Under such state of affairs, it is important and also advisable that certain parameters be checked before a loan is withdrawn from any financial institution. Be it the amount that is given against a specific rate of interest or even the various rates that different financial companies have specified for themselves in regards to these loans.

Are you still concerned about getting your loan approved? Well, it’s time to check out OCRIG Guarantor Loan Company! With us, you are bound to get the best in terms of Guarantor Loans and make sure that irrespective of your credit history you get the best deals in the market!

Our specialisation:

While applying for loans, it is your part of duty to check various rates that are available in the market, the variety of loans a person can approve for and finally make sure that they make the right choice.

Given such details, it is part of our duty to let the world know our speciality. OCRIG Guarantor Loan Company is specially known for Guarantor Loans that are made available to our customers.

Speaking on general note, Guarantor Loans are types of loans where a certain person can borrow a specific amount of money within a period of 7 years and in place of collateral, a person can act as a guarantor.

Who can act as a guarantor?

While getting a certain amount of money in case of Guarantor Loans, guarantor needs to stand as collateral. Acting as a guarantor can be a person who is closely related to the family of a concerned person, or even a dear friend. The guarantor can be someone who stands surely stating that this person who is borrowing the loan will pay it back within a stipulated time frame.

General financial range of this loan:

In case of Guarantor Loans certain ranges need to be maintained. While applying one needs to be careful of this range. We offer Guarantor Loans of 2 types.

For short period, Guarantor Loans should be within £100 to £750, which have a return back time period of 6 to 24 months. For this category of loan, Representative APR is 304% to 842%.

In case of loans of longer period, amount that is to be taken ranges within £500 to £12,000, with a Representative APR at 44.9%.

So, before taking up a loan with OCRIG Guarantor Loan Company you have the freedom to check all these aspects in detail!

Why we:

  • Rates of interest: Compared to other financial institutions, we provide maximum time period and minimum interest rates.
  • Terms and Conditions: We have a set of rules and regulations that are to be kept in mind and followed while applying for a loan.
  • Our credibility: We have made a name for ourselves in this financial market, and our credible loans are available for your benefit!

We at OCRIG Guarantor Loan Company offer a range of opportunities for you to choose from!