Credit Score

How does your credit score affect your ability to get a loan

The present century has brought with itself a number of financial problems and upheavals. With the given number of stock market crashes, fraudulence in financial institutions, economic companies facing a fall, getting approval for a loan has become very difficult.

The most difficult part is definitely that time period between withdrawal of a certain amount and its payback, various difficulties that are associated with it and finally how this loan can be paid off. So, one thing that is to be taken into count is that one needs to have a good credit score to apply for a loan.

How is credit score important?

In case of certain loans, the customers are strictly asked for a certain amount of money as collateral. In those cases, one needs to have a strong bank balance, or at least it should match minimum criteria that are specified for that loan. Hence, one has to be very careful and keep in mind these concerns while applying for a loan.

  • With a good credit score payment of loans become an easier option.
  • Any financial institution can get an assurance in exchange of their money, that their debts will be paid.
  • In most cases, time period associated with a loan gets increased due to bankruptcy. People with good credit score, do not have to face this problem and can return money within the specified time.
  • A person can apply for any type of loan with a good credit score. Whereas for a bad credit score, certain fixed loans are there.

How to survive in case of bad credits:

There are more than enough people, who require loans on an immediate basis and that too without meeting general credit limits. In such cases, there are certain financial companies that are tailor made to provide loans.

These financial institutions make sure that people who do not fill up criteria associated with each of these loans have a safe option out!

Searching for people who provide loans with bad credit:

A person may need immediate finance due to some emergency. In such a scenario, people with bad credit score can face a number of problems. So, they need to get a perfect agency that would help them.

  • Certain lenders have tailor made policies for such people with bad credit score.
  • In such cases, the rates of payback or even security associations could be of higher rates.

Variety of loans:

For people having a bad credit score, there are generally two types of loans that are suitable for them.

In case of secured loan, interest rate depends on collateral. Higher the amount of collateral, lower is the rate of interest during payback.

In case of unsecured loans, collateral needs to be less, thereby raising interest rate.

In both these cases, time range that is given is within a period of 6 to 10 years, with amount being close to £3000 and rate of interest varying from 19% to 29%.


Generally the requirement of this loan is mostly seen among people with poor credit score and therefore it is important that people get correct institutions to help. With us at OCRIG Loans, you can truly get best loan benefits.